In the 7th century BC, the Spartans wanted to create the strongest and most mentally tough citizens on earth.  To do this, they created the Agoge (pronounced A-Go-Ge), a system of training that became the envy of the known world.  

At the Agoge we aspire to this same philosophy via the modern martial art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), which provides as much of a mental challenge as it does a physical.

BJJ is a martial art which proved its effectiveness during the early UFCs and has now evolved to include self defense, grappling competitions and MMA.  At the Agoge we aim to provide a fun, safe and social environment where anybody can learn the most effective martial art.  

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Jiu-jitsu puts you completely in the moment, where you must have a complete focus on finding a solution to the problem. This trains the mind to build that focus, to increase your awareness, your capacity to solve problems.
— Rickson Gracie