Adults Memberships

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Adults Memberships

from 30.00

Learn the fundamentals program with the support of the rest of the team and enjoy the camaraderie and social aspects of the group class.

Our group classes are focused on getting you as much Jiu-Jitsu as possible into a 1hr class. We spend weeks and sometimes months on the same position to ensure adequate time is allowed for skill development and retention.

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Free 7 day trial.

  • No joining fees or cancellation fees.

  • No refunds for missing or not attending class.

  • 4 month expiry on all ten class passes.

  • Attending class without a valid pass or membership will result in you being automatically charged the full casual rate ($25).

  • Let us know your preferred membership option and you will get an email invoice to enter your payment information.

  • Payment via Stripe with any credit or debit card (inc mastercard, visa, amex)

  • Prices Subject to Change, no refunds or exchanges for not attending class.

  • Discounts for parents assisting class or multiple members/siblings and students or colored belts that want to be assistants, please inquire below.

  • The attendance of group or private classes does not guarantee belt progression.