• Clean Feet

  • Bow to Helio before stepping on and off the mat

ADult’s BJJ Fundamentals

  1. Before Class: Introduce new students to the rest of the team

  2. Start of Class: Line up in order of rank, Bow in, circle up. Ask everyone about their weekend etc keep it social.

    • Start with a basic range of motion warm-up for all the large joints (neck, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, ankles)

  3. Warm-ups and Drilling (First 10/20min): Warm-ups such as solo and partner drills. Objective is to get the body warm and incorporate the primary body movements required for BJJ and ideally for the specific position/techniques to be focused on during the week. e.g. focusing on double legs ? warm up with level changes, sprawls, break-falls.

    • Solo Drills: Hip escapes, bridges, break falls, forwards/backwards rolls, technical stand ups, butt scoots, jumping triangles from guard, combat base get ups, change levels, pummeling, duck-unders, arm drags, sprawls etc

      • For raw beginners, where possible, do in a circle so that you can spend more time to correct their technique and not hold the line up.

      • Do in a line up for experienced students who already know how to do them.

    • Partner Drills: Depending on the skill level in the classes, partner drills are preferable to solo drills for more experienced students. (e.g. mount hip escape to guard drill is preferable to solo hip escapes)

    • Full circuit drills are the BEST if the students are experienced enough: e.g. escape mount to guard, scissor sweep from guard - repeat for the other person for 2 minutes, then do the same with a hip bump sweep instead of scissor sweep.

  4. Focused position technique (between warm-up and positional training) make sure you allow time for positional sparring.

    • As per the positional/technique rotation where we focus on a specific technique for 2/3 weeks top and 2/3 weeks bottom e.g. 2/3 weeks mount then 2-3 weeks mount escapes.

    • Ideally focus on the exact same techniques for 1 entire week to ensure time for techniques to settle in and obtain muscle memory etc.

    • Techniques should all be connected (e.g. start with a sweep (week 1), when its defended go to a submission (week 2))

    • Start with minimal resistance and gradually build up resistance, full resistance is reserved for positional sparing. Ensure overzealous students are NOT training at full resistance.

  5. Focused positional sparring (allow for 10-15 minutes)

    • Break for a drink and for people to get their mouth-guards etc, make sure everyone bows before stepping on and of the mat.

    • Allow for 10-15 min of positional training: e.g. guard passing (top player to pass, bottom to sweep or submit) the roll ENDS when either is achieved (they don’t keep rolling). The loser goes back in line, the winner stays - however ensure everyone get time on top and on bottom.

    • Have a line up with 2 or 3 people in the center of the mat playing either the top or bottom position.

    • Ensure one person (typically the coach) is making sure people don’t roll into each other or off the mat.

    • Focused positional training should be linked with the focused technique.

  6. Feedback Circle (55 minutes in)

    • Sit in circle, coach to give brief explanation on what we did and why.

    • Go around the circle (slap and bump) say name and any feedback (good/bad etc)

    • Stretch while you are waiting for everyone to have their say.

  7. Line up and bow out (60 min)

    • Check in on beginners how they went ? etc

  8. Open mat for free sparring 30 minutes after class

ADults Muay Thai Fundamentals

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